I have two girls, Reese age 7 and Brook age 5. They began taking classes at 360 Family Martial Arts in August of 2012. They both started in the Tiny Tigers program but after a couple months Reese moved into the Youth karate program. The girls love the classes there but as a parent I would like to share a great experience I recently had as a result of their training. On Friday Jan 5, 2013 my children and I were at Walgreens. Durring our trip there they decided to go to the toy aisle to look around. At some point they thought that I had left the store without them. My children became very scared but they stopped and remembered what they were taught at 360 FMA. They stayed inside the store and went to a cashier to have me called. Their first thought was to go outside to see if my car was still there but because of their training they knew that wasn't an option. In fact, Brook said to me, "I remembered that Mr. Scott said you can't leave the store to go outside, that we had to stay inside the store." I was very proud of them that they stayed calm and remembered to find a cashier for help and I'm very glad for the training they've received that taught them what to do in that situation. My kids are getting so much more than karate lessons at this school. Thanks 360!

— Kristy Jones