360 FMA

360 Family Martial Arts is owned and operated by 3rd Degree Black Belt instructors Scott and Stacey Conder. As members of the AOKKA we offer training in Kenpo Karate, a system developed by Grand Master Ed Parker, founder of the IKKA. The American Kenpo system is largely characterized as a self defense system derived from traditional Japanese Karate and other martial arts such as Chinese Kung Fu and Jiu-Jitsu. The AOKKA is founded by 5th Degree Master James Pitts a student of American Kenpo and master of his style. Scott and Stacey earned their Black Belts through close personal training from Master Jim Pitts and are still training with him today.



360 FMA is a "Family Studio" offering training for a variety of age groups starting at age 3 through adult. Children's programs are structured to develop coordination, balance and focus while promoting discipline and self confidence. Youth classes offer a striped belt system and begin to teach the basics of self defense techniques while developing the core principals and values of the martial arts. Adult classes start at age 12 to 14 and provide a complete belt system including Kenpo basics, self defense techniques, forms, sparing and breaking. Youth and adult classes also have the opportunity to join competition and demonstration events sponsored by the AOKKA. Students enrolled in our Black Belt program or higher train in a full range of weapons and Jiu Jitsu. We also have family packages that offer large discounts so the whole family can train together.


The Origin of "360"

So what does the 360 mean in our name? We get this question a lot! Ed Parker's system was developed with the understanding that motion is both multi-dimensional and multi-directional. In an effort to understand movement more thoroughly he designed the universal pattern to help students understand the interrelationship of linear and circular movement and the paths which they follow. It is this basic principle of movement that shapes our awareness of attacks and defensive movement from all angles and directions. This 360 degree awareness is the cornerstone of our name and our crest.


Benefits of Martial Arts Training

Training in the martial arts offers so much more than self defense. Students of the martial arts learn the basic principles of respect, self confidence, honor and character. Students are taught to display good judgement and character in all situations life offers. We encourage our students to excel to the best of their abilities in school, family and life. We promote a positive  attitude for oneself and to others. Recently it was noted that a small karate school in Oklahoma was able to effectively train students with ADD/ADHD and Autism helping them to achieve better grades in school and a more positive self image, proving that karate offers so much more than kicking and punching. We welcome you to visit us today to discover what martial arts training can do for your family.


Child Safety


This subject is the primary reason Scott and Stacey opened their school. Many schools talk about "strangers" and "bullies" but few actually teach their students how to deal with them. Our school policy is very simple. We don't teach kids how to fight we teach then how NOT to fight. A child's mind is the best weapon they possess when it comes to avoiding conflict and danger. Bullies and strangers are all treated the same, with caution and respect. We respect the people life brings us but we are cautious of those we do not know. The best way to defeat a bully or stay out of trouble with strangers lies in making good decisions. Recognizing poor behavior from bullies or strangers is the first line of defense and the first step in avoiding these people and keeping ourselves at a safe distance. Self defense is always the last resort and the least desirable solution to conflict. However when no other options are available our students are trained to know what to do. For this reason we offer a full curriculum dedicated to techniques children of all ages can use that will work against a larger, stronger attacker like an adult or bully. NO child can kick or punch their way out of an abduction situation no matter how many black belts they possess. The laws of physics are stacked against a child when they are confronted with physical violence from an adult attacker. We understand this and have no desire to lie to parents or children about how karate can help a child win in this scenario. Therefore we offer a proven system designed to give the child the element of surprise and a fighting chance that draws attention to them, identifies the attacker as a stranger and if need be the ability to deliver the right kind of resistance to end the struggle setting the child free. We take child safety seriously so we offer no flowery sales pitch for this kind of training. The facts are that if your child is targeted for this kind of attack seconds and training matter and may make the difference in how quickly your child is recovered. For more information please contact our school for more details.

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